Ventures Partnerships

To leverage the resources of our management team and generate investment opportunities, we cultivate a diversity of strategic partnerships and alliances with companies and institutions around the world. We channel technology development projects to our strategic partners and allies, and invite proposals from them for consideration. We aggressively seek corporate partners for our individual ventures in the areas of technology and product development, and we enter into opportunistic agreements with strategic allies to expedite the establishment of marketing and distribution channels for our ventures and products. Plebys will form local alliances including with non-governmental organizations (NGO) for product distribution and customer support. Local partners will benefit by gaining a vehicle to access new markets.

Significant partnerships or strategic agreements are in place with the following:

Center for Sustainable Enterprise (CSE) - Emerging from the Kenan Flager Business School at the University of North Carolina, CSE is an intellectual leader in the emerging recognition of the vast opportunities in marketing products to middle- and low-income populations . Plebys management serves in advisory and partnership roles with CSE.

Cornell University, The Johnson School - The Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise of Management promotes the role of the private sector in addressing critical global social and environmental challenges. The Center engages with companies directly to explore competitive opportunities.

Dow Chemical Venture Capital - Dow Venture Capital invests in promising start-up technology companies from seed throughout their early critical years. Dow brings capital, technology and a global network of partners to its portfolio companies with emphasis on adding significantly to equity value.

ICICI Bank - ICICI is India’s second largest bank with almost $80 billion is assets, about 950 branches and representation in 17 overseas markets. The ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth is a new initiative to focus on the needs of lower income households in India. ICICI is an important financial partner supporting Plebys’ business model implementation in India.

International Finance Corporation (IFC) - The IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, promotes sustainable private sector investment in developing countries as a way to reduce poverty and improve people's lives. The IFC is the largest multilateral source of loan and equity financing for private sector projects in the developing world. IFC is an equity investor in Plebys’ first venture, WaterHealth International, Inc.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Berkeley Labs is a leader in fundamental science and engineering research and managed by the University of California. Berkeley Labs conducts broad unclassified research including studies of the environment and the universe based on interdisciplinary teams of experts and the affiliation of ten Nobel Laureates.

Naandi Foundation - Naandi is a public charitable trust based in India that has gained public acclaim through its work in rural and urban communities dedicated to the eradication of poverty. Naandi’s guiding force and Chairman of the Board is Dr. Anji Reddy, founder of pharmaceutical leader Dr. Reddy’s labs. Naandi is a Water Health implementation partner in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

World Vision International - World Vision is a faith-based relief and development organization assisting 70 million people each year in its quest to end poverty, fight hunger and transform lives. In specific markets, World Vision offers significant value as an implementation partner for technology solutions under management by Plebys.

Plebys offers partners and acquisition candidates avenues for profitable expansion into new markets. Corporations and other potential acquisition partners will enjoy an exceptional value proposition, namely, the opportunity to purchase access to high growth, previously underserved markets through an equity position in pre-established ventures reflecting fully executed and validated business models. Profitability is enhanced by accelerated, lower risk entry into new market areas, and immediate access to entrepreneurial distribution and supply channels worldwide.

We encourage entrepreneurs with technologies, venture concepts or small struggling businesses to approach us for funding and management. Plebys distinguishes itself by intuiting the value inherent in promising technologies, designing innovative business models to leverage this value and then aggressively manage the ventures with a bias towards action and significance in creating new market opportunities.

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