Ventures The Plebys Venture Development Process

Plebys is a premier source of leadership for strategic private-sector entry into low and middle-income markets. We proactively search and identify promising proprietary technologies and early-stage ventures that address unmet critical needs. Beginning with a compelling market story, we design the product concept, verify the interest of a large customer base and craft a business case to reliably offer our customers world-class products and innovative services at disruptive prices. Plebys builds an operational business plan and seed funds the new venture and its Plebys-managed team. The new team launches the business in initial markets and validates the business model in preparation for rapid commercialization. Plebys sustains the venture’s first mover advantage through aggressive cost reduction and continual refinement of the value proposition. Additional capital may be raised from private investors and institutions. As Plebys uses its broad network of strategic partnerships to expand into target markets and reach sustained profitability, Plebys managers assess attractive exit strategies.