Plebys creates disruptive companies.

o build successful businesses, Plebys has defined a replicable venture creation and
management process. We develop companies that engage local, in-country entrepreneurs and managers who will eventually lead those companies or create their own entrepreneurial enterprises supporting other Plebys ventures.

Venture Development

Plebys is a premier source of leadership for strategic private-sector entry into low and middle-income markets. We proactively search and identify...



To leverage the resources of our management team and generate investment opportunities, we cultivate a diversity of strategic partnerships and alliances...


WaterHealth International

In 2002, Plebys acquired a majority interest in WaterHealth International, and secured its breakthrough, water-disinfection technology platform...


Consumers and the environment are the end beneficiary of new advances in biotechnology. Biotech advances that come to use in farming will... (more)