Plebys Strategy

To realize our vision, we have developed a unique approach for venture development and commercialization. Plebys' strategy is to:

  • Target leading-edge technologies that address large, critical, demonstrated market needs, focusing on the most intractable problems with hands-on in-country management.
  • Champion decentralized systems tailored to the end-user with regional and international market potential to best leverage the benefits of scale.
  • Build high-potential end-to-end business models with superior, sustainable profit performance potential using a private-sector platform.
  • Infuse local entrepreneurial talent with the know-how, capital, and advanced technology accessible in developed countries, and serve as an important force in the acceleration of sustainable growth in emerging/developing economies .
  • Identify external investment capital as required to take each portfolio company through to a successful exit while maintain controlling interest in all ventures.

Plebys' experienced managers acting as CEOs of new Plebys ventures until each business gains sustainable traction towards profitability and a management team is trained and established. With management and capital in place, each enterprise is nurtured using the resources of the Plebys network of strategic partners and alliances to scout for complementary market opportunities and assure rapid commercialization. Through the experience of executing its venture development process, Plebys serves as a premier source of leadership for strategic and sustainable entry into low and middle-income markets globally.

Go to Venture Development for more detail on Plebys' venture development process.