Plebys Approach

We Do.

Through innovative business models that integrate advanced technology with creative production, distribution and financing, Plebys businesses bring critical world-class products and services within the reach of all. We pursue advanced technologies that meet basic needs at low cost. Our strongest emphasis is on those technologies that demonstrate viability even in the absence of extensive infrastructure, represent true innovation in the market, and provide opportunities for global expansion. Plebys is committed to values that demand its portfolio companies operate ethically and with benign or restorative ecological footprints.

While half of the world's 6 billion residents individually live on less than $2 per day, many live in economically viable households in countries with growing income and savings rates. Large population segments worldwide have demonstrated the ability and willingness to purchase products that improve health, enhance productivity and offer significant cost advantages over traditional approaches. There are few products and services that address their major critical needs.

The advantages of targeting this market are significant.

  • The underserved needs of 4-5 billion people in markets worldwide coexist with growing collective household purchasing power.
  • Most major corporations have a keen interest in future growth markets, and welcome alliances with ventures that are structured to pioneer viable strategies for non-traditional markets.
  • Government/public sector solutions can benefit from partnership with private-sector enterprises to promote sustainable growth, and provide access to the significant funding often channeled through such programs.

The good news: Plebys has the business models to address this space. Plebys seeks leadership in the creation of technology ventures and business models that provide opportunities to shrink the gap in global access to critical-need products. A largely uncontested opportunity exists to create sustainable, innovative and scalable enterprises that deliver the benefits of advanced technology through private markets to populations in greatest need.