Plebys does not select investments to fund, it creates companies.

lebys uses a unique, proven approach to address large, intractable global problems by developing and managing enterprises that serve those needs. Each Plebys venture, similar to WaterHealth International, is structured to provide rapid growth potential to address problems on a scale sufficient to make a meaningful impact on a critical area of human livelihood. WaterHealth is a massive opportunity in a market that conventional wisdom labeled the exclusive domain of government, aid grants and non-profits. WaterHealth provides proof of the viability of the Plebys transformational venture development model.


Traditional approaches to support of business ventures in developing countries and emerging-markets have focused on the very large or the very small. Plebys' strategy is to targeting critical, unmet needs that prevent larger economic...



Plebys offers investors a unique opportunity to leverage the delivery of innovative products across a range of market segments through a single investment portal, simultaneously diversifying risk and maximizing the potential of investment success.


Thanks to the WaterHealth Centre my village now has, my family is much healthier. I can work more hours because I no longer... (more)