Investors Benefits

Plebys offers investors a unique opportunity to leverage the delivery of innovative products across a range of market segments through a single investment portal, simultaneously diversifying risk and maximizing the potential of investment success. The selected targets and markets for each of the company's initiatives have demonstrated potential for early profits with relatively low competitive pressures. Plebys' investments provide returns with geographic, technological, and industry diversification. We create ventures with an intentional bias towards market disruption to enhance the potential for superior and sustainable rewards over time as new market opportunities unfold. The time-to-market of new products is compressed by Plebys' commitment to rapid proof of concept and business model execution.

Plebys investors may earn returns through:

  • Liquidity events through IPO or sale of venture to strategic acquirers
  • Cash flows from Plebys major equity holdings in ventures
  • Royalties on developed technologies
  • Distributions to investors per agreement