The problems of poverty persist on a worldwide level:

What does Plebys mean?
Plebys is derived from the Roman plebs , the general body of citizens as distinct from the privileged few. A disruptive concept, plebeians in Rome could become quite wealthy and influential. (Source: Wikipedia).

What are the primary areas of business focus for Plebys?
The Company's general interest is in technology-based enterprises that serve important needs in underserved markets and populations. Our focus is on energy, health enablers (clean water, food processing) and diagnostics and therapeutics. According to a World Bank study, technology is responsible for almost half of mortality reductions in recent decades—more essential in some cases than higher incomes or improved education.

Is Plebys an incubator?
Plebys is much more than an incubator. The Plebys business model goes significantly beyond what incubators traditionally do. Plebys management actually takes a hands-on management role in creating and building each venture and leading new companies until firmly established as a sustainable, profitable enterprise.

Will all Plebys ventures be operated from the U.S.?
While the core senior management team and some of the prominent development partners will continue to be based in the US, Plebys undertakes and manages ventures based in countries with appropriate development and other resources with a bias towards those countries that could be centers for regional manufacturing and

Are there any restrictions on the countries where Plebys would operate?
While there are no specific country limitations, Plebys will consider carefully where it bases its ventures. Political stability, ethical legal frameworks, significant private market culture and direction and the availability of various resources, including potential partners are important factors in the selection of Plebys' target markets.

Why was WaterHealth International Plebys’ first venture?
WaterHealth and the UV WaterWorks technology were considered to offer Plebys a unique opportunity to make a global impact on a critical underserved market area--potable water. The global market for drinking water that is non-centrally distributed is estimated to be well over $100 billion per year and growing at double-digit rates annually. With more than 3 million deaths and 3 billion illnesses around the world a year resulting from waterborne diseases, the area is one of the most critical health issues, with truly global dimensions. It represents an area of significantly underserved needs and huge current market demand. Furthermore, because much of the morbidity and mortality is preventable, targeting the issue with the right technologies and services holds the promise of market intervention with financial and social benefits in a short time. The selected first venture, WaterHealth International, Inc. (WHI) has already gained international recognition for its innovative technology and business approach.

What other areas is Plebys considering for its ventures apart from clean water?
With a full-time world management team exclusively dedicated to expanding the success of WaterHealth and its related products, Plebys has assembled a staff engaged in ongoing evaluation of a number of innovative technologies and opportunities in high-impact health, energy, and food processing areas, including technologies relating to distributed energy, hydration and IV therapy, portable diagnosis systems and food waste and infection prevention where advanced technology applications promise to significantly drive down user costs and broaden access. However, Plebys plans to focus its current resources overwhelmingly on achieving success with its WaterHealth venture and then engage other opportunities in the future.